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Blog by leatherboytoy

Dear Goddess Mz Devon,

i certainly am not worthy of Your time, as i know i haven’t been the best leather whore for You. There have been times where i have dropped off the face of the earth and not contacted You. Perhaps this is because of my inability to come to grips with the foundation of slavery You enjoy … that of a financial slave.

To be honest i never was a financial slave. i never seemed to get the point…but for some reason every time i hear Your voice…the leash pulls tight around my cock and balls…and You squeeze every last drop…and always find a way to find one more drop to drip out.

Your love of leather has me on a tight cock leash…and every time i try to leave, ashamed that i am broke…scared to contact You as i know being broke is a disappointment to You…(and i really don’t like disappointing You)….that leash gets yanked hard and i come back ..crawling on all fours desperate to be Your doormat to walk all over again. Figuratively and in reality with the sharp stiletto heels of Your boots.

i continually feel like i fail i am a student who does not make much. i know i am low on Your totem pole. i want to become a big time banker/lawyer/etc… not to live a life of luxury….i would live in a small rundown apartment…but I want to pamper You with leather dresses, skirts, and long leather boots for every day of the week. Knowing You wore the leather outfits i buy You and those leather fuck-me-boots You’ve been eyeballing…wearing them on a night on the town..meeting real men worthy of fucking….. would give me so much pleasure and fulfillment.

The thought of You in leather…having the privilege of drooling over Your perfect legs coming out of a leather mini skirt and slid so perfectly in a pair of designer leather thigh-high stiletto boots makes me so fucking weak and the noose of that cock ring tightens around my cock and balls. I never have sucked cock…..but if i had a chance at the privilege to be your leather boy toy for an evening…I would suck cock like a pro.

Goddess, I dream of being locked to Your floor in chastity in my leather hood…eyes and mouth zipped shut…just hearing You try on different boots You may wear for the evening. id be dripping in my cage…desperate to get hard…but left wanting. id hope to be lucky enough to have my mouth unzipped so i could just be a tongue for your leather.

As a student of science…my job is to think…and with simple ease You turn off that thinking switch and that makes me so hard. This i knew from the beginning when i met You several years ago on niteflirt. This i knew again today after i had come crawling back and sent paid mail after mail… And each time i keep coming back with my cock in hand..eager to be used.

-Your leatherboytoy chris

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