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Blog by devonite yes boy

I have made my return back beneath Goddess Mz Devon, again, its becoming abundantly clear to me that if I am to ever run off I will always return. No matter how many times I leave, I always come back and pay for it dearly. Last time I ran away from Goddess Mz Devon she blocked me, I had to try very hard and be good in order for her to unblock me. I spent my entire tax return on Goddess Mz Devon so that she would think about taking me back. I am doing anything and everything she says hoping that she will let me stay, because no matter what I do I can’t stay away. She will always find her way back in to my mind and nothing can take my mind off her. I find myself dreaming about her and thinking about her almost all the time. I truly believe there is not a more perfect woman in existence. Nothing can quench my thirst like her, so I am back begging and pleading for her to allow me to return. I know after what I have done I am undeserving of her time, but I am hoping that she will show mercy on me. I want to give Goddess Mz Devon everything.

Devonite Yes Boy

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