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Blog by serveher

Hail Mz Devon! Goddess allowed me a hiatus from chastity training. For various reasons it has lasted a bit longer than expected and i believe Goddess has not been pleased with Her pet cunt. i had been checking in with the very busy Goddess and the last i had heard was that She would give things some thought. i was left patiently waiting for the thoughts and decisions of Goddess Mz Devon.

In one of O/our first email exchanges Goddess expressed Her view, “Oh how I love a caged stick.” Remembering that led me right back to the place i need to properly be at the beautiful feet of the Goddess tightly locked in chastity. So without delay, but with a lot of internal struggle, i surrendered myself and locked myself back into the chastity cage. With appropriate Hail Mz Devon’s in an attempt to please the Goddess i videoed the recaging and sent if off to Goddess.

The aching has already begun and i am not sure what plans Goddess has for Her pet slut but i am appropriately back in Her control and feeling very constrained.

Hail Mz Devon!

Hoping that this pleases You oh wonderful Goddess.

Humbly and submissively,

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