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Blog by std jean-jacques

Something happens to me. i’m not the (sorry excuse for) the man i used to be. Perhaps that can be easily explained: i may simply be starting to “get it”, as The Goddess Mz Devon would say.

i’m totally into Her world now, not merely drifting on the surface like i used to do in the past few years. Deep inside. Her voice is with me always, Her eyes telling what to do, what to think, how to behave and grow in my new life.

It’s funny, as most subs i’ve often pictured myself as a pet, doggy, puppy, yet i had not realized the real implication of being a dog. It was all posture.Wanking material. Now i know things are different because i don’t pretend to be a dog anymore. i AM a dog. Her dog. And i can’t think of a time in my life when i was more proud and fulfilled. The Goddess Mz Devon has tamed me the way She’d tame a crazy dog. She’s been harsh, merciless, straight to the point as always, until She made sure i was engaged on the right path and was starting to understand what it was all about, what i had failed to comprehend in the past 5 years or so.

It all feels so right. Things are so clear to me now. The Goddess Mz Devon has set the guidelines, She had me surrender and pushed my limits to the max. Now i know exactly what to do, what to not do. Life’s so much easier when You know the boundaries, the limits.

Today my doggy heart and mind are focused on their Owner constantly, knowing the steps, aware of the distance that remains ahead, the infinity of hoops to jump, yet quitely determined to show they have what it takes to make it to Heaven: join the elite club of Goddess Mz Devon’s full fledge, locked up boys and maybe one day – well, though that is so unlikely to happen it obsesses me constantly – effectively getting to lick the bottom of Her boots clean. How many times did i dream about it, picture the whole scene? i know exactly what boots She’d wear, what dress. The smell of Her leather would make me high. Her orders would fall on me like biscuits i’d eagerly catch before they even fall on the floor. The whole scene would be unreal, every second of it would last a lifetime, forever set in my memory.

Each day, now, i take time to reflect on what it means to belong to Her. This is so deep, so unlike anything i’ve experienced so far, yet so obviously right and natural.

Another basic fact: i am nothing without The Goddess Mz Devon. Nothing. Will the rest of my life be enough to thank Her for teaching me this?

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