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Blog by std jean-jacques

Today’s blog entry will be short, lame, yet unlike any other I wrote before.

No particular praise, Goddess Mz Devon doesn’t need them, She knows Who She is. No exaggeration, no “creativity”, vain declaration of complete surrender, adoration, worship of new kind.

No, this one is just about facts.

Nothing I can say will ever impress Goddess Mz Devon. She’s heard it all, especially from me. No more bullshit tolerated. Only what I do, or do not do means something to Her.

Fact: yesterday I gave The Goddess Mz Devon full access to my accounts and means of payment. Then Goddess Mz Devon shopped, spent, took. Now I’m ruined, yet happier than ever before. She still has the passwords. I won’t change them. It’s about mutual trust.

I will also provide Goddess with all the evidence that what I’m saying about my life, financial status and general situation is true. I want Her to have everything handy. It’s not about blackmail, I’ve always hated it and I don’t believe Goddess has ever enjoyed it. It’s about control, serving One, live for One, not by words only. Real time, real life, each and every day. It’s about transparency. It’s about me getting bored and ashamed with playing, lying, straying, pretending, hiding, slutting. About me hoping to one day being properly trained, educated, transformed, chastised, broken, rebuilt.

Why it has taken so long for me to understand the true meaning of the word “reality” still amazes me

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  1. The credit card was a nice touch. Breaking you down never felt so satisfying.

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