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Blog by cuckycunt

I am very sorry for being a stupid cucky cunt over the years. You have been very nice to me and have always tried to help me to become a good and eager cucky and i have been very stupid and disrespectful at times. You are right about me being a stupid little ratty bitch only good for sucking cock and eating cum. You are right i did get picked on in Highschool and i was a weasel.

Goddess You have always been very nice and very generous even when you wanted to actually do a website so i could find a Cuckoldress and even get married and be a cuckold husband. Somthing I would still do if You wanted me to do. I want to be obedient and learn to suck and fluff cocks for You and serve You and your Girlfriends at parties like a good cucky cunt.

Goddess i am so sorry for not being obedient and i want to put myself in a poistion to serve you and to be collered and owned and trained to be a good cocksucker Goddess.
Goddesss I am begging You to turn me into a good cucky please, please I am begging to be a good cucky, please!!!!!!!! Goddess please can You train me to serve You please, I am begging please!!! Goddess !!!

Please turn me into a good cocksucking and cum eating bitch please, please, Please I am begging You in front of the whole world to do thins please. I will do what ever You say Goddess. I will be an obedient two hole cunnt i promise!!

Please turn me or train me to be a eager begging cum eater please, please help me find a Cuckolding wife please, I want to be a good pet i promise please Goddess.

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