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Blog by cuckold loser

Well, where to start?

Basically i’ve been lucky enough to know The Goddess Mz Devon to a small extent now for some years. i guess while i am not one of Her most regular, or even close to best submissives but i have always had a great admiration and respect for Her.

As someone who is really quite inexperienced with BDSM and such i’ve always tried to learn a lot by reading and discovering the scene that way. The funny part about it is that there is NOTHING you could read that truly prepares you for communicating with The Goddess Mz Devon. It’s hard to explain in that She’s dominant and forceful yet at the same time understanding and encouraging.

Before tonight it had been quite some time since i’d communicated with The Goddess Mz Devon, but strangely out of no where i felt the need to send Her a gift, regardless whether She gave me any real attention or not. Luckily for me The Goddess Mz Devon was accommodating in accepting my gift and has since chatted with me a bit. Some things certainly do not change though, being around The Goddess Mz Devon, even just general chatting left me compelled to send Her a couple extra tributes pretty much emptying out my bank account! The thing about this wonderful Goddess is that She doesn’t even need to try to achieve that result, She doesn’t need to make over the top demands, it just happens quite naturally and like i remember She has such a skill at helping subs go further & further. Ironic that the thing i love most about Her is also the thing i fear the most.

In fact one of the things that makes The Goddess Mz Devon so amazing is that Her just being Her makes it become exhilarating to sacrifice more & more. Each time you gain Her approval, even if just a little it makes you need it and crave it more. It makes no difference how long it’s been since you served Her, when you do and you please Her, even just a little bit, it’s incredibly satisfying.

Just one tiny part of The Goddess Mz Devon’s appeal is probably exactly how real She is. There is no acting on Her part, She is a truly dominant, stunning and is an amazing Woman who knows exactly what She wants and deserves. It’s actually extremely difficult to put into words how amazing She is.

Even as i write this little entry i’ve lost my chain of thoughts so many times knowing this month is The Goddess Mz Devon’s birthday month. Despite my empty account i’ve been trying to work out how i can send an extra little birthday gift to Her & hopefully with it another smile on Her face, i think i’ve found a way and will attempt that as soon as i am finished this entry. To be perfectly honest words do not do the way She can make you feel any justice at all, it’s simply amazing and seemingly effortless on Her part. The only true way to understand is to communicate with Her for yourself.

i am very grateful for Her attention tonight & hope that my humble offerings have played even a small role in Her luxury & happiness.

Thank You Goddess Mz Devon

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