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Blog by slave mfemfe

For 4 days and 3 nights i have thought of nothing else but the Goddess Mz Devon.

For some reason i thought it was a good idea to lock on a chastity belt and sign up again for Mz Devon’s site – somewhere in my mind i should have known that listening to her heavenly voice telling me what a loser i am, while my cock aches and throbs uselessly between my legs, was only going to get me in trouble.

And of course, as i’m sure Mz Devon knew would happen, as a result i find myself sinking deeper and deeper into my obsession with her ….

The mails get more expensive, more frequent, and rather than savouring the excitement of seeing them there in my inbox waiting for me, i find myself opening them as soon as i can, almost begging for more. Combine that with wanting to tribute anything i can to ensure my Goddess gets whatever she wants, and it was only going to end one way – cc maxed out and me waiting uselessly while more payments clear, knowing that as soon as they do i shall want to give it all to Her.

So, now she has my $, there is nothing further i can do to please the Goddess, i just sit, listening to her voice, wishing i could cum – but now that is not for enjoyment, not for pleasure, but just to make the aching in my balls go away and allow me to think straight again!

So, for 4 days and 3 nights i have thought of nothing else but the Goddess Mz Devon – i’m a desperate wreck, my balls ache like they want to burst and my credit card is empty- do i regret it ? Not for a second, i just wish i could do more!!

slave mfe

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  1. GoddessJune 3, 2011 @ 5:37 pmReply

    I’m actually surprised you’ve made it up to $745 since May 30th! That cage is doing something fabulous for you and I think we should keep it on forever!!!!

    PS.. I’m going to buy the other dress today. Pay for it AGAIN and maybe I’ll let you see a peek of it before Maui!

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