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Blog by martin goes

Today it was my first day serving a true Goddess. And, lucky for me, that Goddess was Mz Devon.

I always wanted to serve her, but I never had the opportunity..just with the previews from her site, I wanted to bow down and worship her as the Goddess she is.
So I mailed her, and lucky for me, she answered. After that, I was able to tribute.and I started slowly, afraid, since it was my first time and it was so overwhelming to be speaking with the Goddess of your dreams.

But then, Mz Devon sent me a pic of her lovely feet..and I melt. I couldn’t resist that..and I started paying more. Then another pic..I was so weak I cannot help myself and continued paying till I sent $500.00. Now, after that first experience, I hope to be worth of Mz’d be so hard to serve a Goddess like her, but I’ll do whatever I can to have the honor of being at her feet.

She is so beautiful and powerful..I think it’s impossible to resist..and her feet..I cannot explain what I feel when I see them. If I have to describe the word “perfection”, I’d say “Mz Devon’s gorgeous feet”.

I know that every effort I make won’t be enough to serve that Goddess, so I thank her for that chance..

So here I’m now..trying to please Mz Devon and being worth of being her footboy. Thank You Goddess, I’ll be forever grateful. Thank You for letting me into Your world today, and thank You for letting me stay there..I’ll work hard to make You happy, as You deserve.

Your footslave, martin goes.

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