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Blog by martin goes

It’s just three days since I began to serve and worship my Goddess, Mz Devon. In that time, I had the honor of speaking with her, to tribute her, and to follow her directions. The reward was incredible: feeling that I’m spoiling the Goddess of my dreams was a feeling I never had, and I’ll be forever grateful and in debt with my Goddess. What is more incredible is that I wasn’t submissive before, I enjoy vanilla sex and everything else. But Goddess Mz Devon took complete control over myself..and just a look at her perfection makes me so weak. And the power of her feet..I cannot describe that. I cannot stop thinking about them since I first see them..I LOVE the arches, the sole, the heel and the candy toes of these feet. It’s just wonderful how something so small can control entire lives, and that’s what’s happening to me since I met Goddess Mz Devon.

I cannot stop thinking how it’d be to bow to this Goddess and worship her, to be her footstool, to paint her lovely toenails, to pamper her beautiful amazing feet, to give her a footrub, or, simple, to stay quietly on my knees looking at those short, to live for her feet!

I think every man on earth should bow down to Mz Devon, worship, adore and tribute her. Every man’s goal should be to work to make Goddess Mz Devon’s life easier. She should have no problems, no worries and no concerns..she should have everything she wants, provided by her slaves. Now that I have the honor of being one of them, I understand how is that possible that so many men serve her. Just a snap of her fingers, and she should have an army of slaves ready to serve, provide and do everything for her.

Again, thank You so much Goddess. I know You don’t need me or any of Your slaves..and if I fail, You’ll just block me and never speak to me I’ll work hard to be worth of being Your devoted footboy.

Always at Your feet,

Your footboy, Martin Goes

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