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Blog by kuweedindeed

I was looking for fun and i found religion. I saw them both and for more i was beggin. as i looked into her eyes she controlled my vision. messed up my mind and took me to heaven. i remember the first time i was really trippin. it wasn’t no weed, ecstasy it was just Mz Devon, showing me perfection and teaching me a lesson.

it wasn’t a phone call, or a chat was just a 1 photo that made me bow and worship Goddess Mz Devon. She is totally perfect you bitchs GOT to CONFESS. it’s not something you can control you are POSSESSED. forever a slave and will never rest.

Tribute more and more and enjoy the feeling of being blessed.the one, the only, and the best. she’s all what i care for fuck all the rest.i will give my self, my soul and my life, nothing less.i will be your bitch, your fan, your man. what ever you want my life is in your’s your call your choice all is under your command.

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