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Blog by martin goes

Another night of worshipping Goddess Mz Devon. Another night of adoring the most wonderful, beautiful and powerful woman in the world. Another night of thanking her for allowing me to worship, tribute and serve her. That’s what I think every man on earth should do, and I’m happy of having found my destiny of slavery to my Goddess. Slaves have to work hard and sacrifice things, pleasure, relax and time so Goddess can enjoy the finest things in life without having to lift a finger. Goddess Mz Devon doesn’t have to bother about working or menial tasks. She should relax, live in luxury and enjoy everything life has to offer to her. All the troubles, the efforts and the sacrifices are concerns of her slaves, who have to give their best and run to make Goddess happy. I’m so happy of being one of those slaves.

I feel proud when tributing my Goddess, knowing that I’m making a small contribution to her wonderful matter how much I effort or sacrifice, it’ll be never enough and I’ll never be worth of serving my Goddess. That’s why I’m so grateful to her. Although I’m unworthy, she allows me to admire and worship her lovely feet, which are perfect in every way. And dreaming about having one day the chance to bow down and serve her in person is what makes me work harder everyday.

Just for a sniff of her gorgeous peds, I’ll give the world.

I’ll do anything I could to remain under the feet of Goddess Mz Devon.

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