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Blog by std jean-jacques

This entry’s sole purpose is to beg The Goddess Mz Devon to accept my public apology for my behavior in the past few months.

my attitude has been indeed essentially wrong, not only as a slave but as someone who has a debt: though I perfectly knew I owed Goddess a lot of money, I attempted to deny it and simply stray without paying my $8000.00 in dues. Everyone who’s familiar with The Goddess Mz Devon knows that was a stupid move. She’s not One to allow this to happen.

So everything happened as expected. Week after week, guilt has been eating me up. I knew I could not, would not be able to get along with my life as long as that debt had not been dealt with appropriately. Moreover, the need to drop to my knees and beg Goddess Devon to allow me to crawl back to her feet came back of course, growing each day until it was impossible to resist anymore.

I’m not sure what Goddess will decide, if She’s ready to give me another chance to serve or will simply throw me back to the garbage I come from when I’m done repaying my debt. But this is not important.

What’s important is never to fail Her again.


Bad boys pay -

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  1. I’m leaning towards door #2.

    Pay your debt as I’ve set out for you and I PROMISE I’ll forever let you ache for what you’ll never experience again.

    $1500 down… only $6500 to go.

    The extra $1500 didn’t hurt either ; )

  2. Thank You for allowing me to send you more gifts tonight Goddess Mz Devon. i exist only to try to please You and i realize i still have a long way to go to reach that goal.

  3. I see you purchased the Mules also!

    I think from now on you’re to be known as my Frye slut… you’ve purchased 10 of my 14 pairs! Ha ha… there’s two more on I think it’s only appropriate you adopt those also.

    Aren’t things wonderful when you just do what you’re told?

  4. Yes Goddess Mz Devon, obeying You without even thinking about it is wonderful. It makes life so much easier and fills my heart with joy, knowing i might have satisfied You, though in a very humble manner.

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