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Blog by diaper sissy nathan

Here is the video blog.

i am a complete diapered sissy and loser. i’m completely helpless to You. i feel absolutely terrible and i’m trapped in the LOSER basement suite. i cant even leave, You know where i am, exactly.

After being too much of a pussy and a wimp to fully sacrifice and let You gut me openly to see if i was worthy, i spent the summer alone in my loser nursery basement suite watching You enjoy the summer while i wasted away into a sissy wreck.

I’m pasty white, skinney, ugly and i wear thick pampers all the time so why should i even have gone out to enjoy the same summer that You were enjoying? Not worthy.

i thought i could contact Mz Devon and not being fully ruined and express to Her how i sacrificed my summer and how loser-ish i stayed. sissy had 80 dollars alloted but Mz Devon made me spend $300 dollars and now sissy is screwed and will have to pay off the credit card in 2 paychecks now. How pathetic is that?

Ruined after months of being ignored.

Thank You Mz Devon

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