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Blog by diaper sissy nathan

Mz Devon please,


im home alone in my dumb nursery wishing i was sniffing the ass of a pair of Your panties and that i was locked in chastity. im so lonely, im such a loser, im skinney and ugly and i have a 3 inch clitty of a dick. PLEASE.

Going to have to borrow money from my parents today, picking me up in a bit. sissy will pay. i know i have to prove that no matter what You are the law, the final word, the only consideration.

All sissy can think about is being Your ass kissing sissy cuckold now Mz Devon. im so scared of You. Please can W/e talk?…im maxxed out but i cant take it… what can i do…. do i have a place, a chance?

im so cut off from society Mz Devon, so “able”….. Please. sissy wants to submit on a beyond emotional level but so scared please please


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