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Blog by sissy mischa

Dear Goddess Mz Devon,

fellow Devonites and future fellow Devonites (you will give in to Her, its just a matter of time),

my name is sissy mischa. i am Goddess Mz Devon‘s newest sissy pet. i will be keeping a diary here to document my thoughts and actions as Goddess shapes and molds me however She sees fit. i look forward to getting to know all of Y/you on my journey to sissidom.

A little basic information about myself: i am 27 years old, i am educated and work a good career where i am continually challenged and have high potential for advancement. Physically, i am short and muscular with brown hair and blue eyes. Some might say i live a pretty good life but not me. Up until now i have been missing something, something i needed.

i’ll explain, i have fantasized about forced feminization, strap-on training, cum eating and forced bi since i was in my teens. In the recent years, while indulging in those fanstasies through video clips, audio clips, stories and other forms of media, i have learned about other fetishes that i have. Other than those listed above, these fetishes turn me on the most: chastity, hypnosis, body worship (feet, ass, breast and armpits [i know this one is weird]) and really most acts of submission to a beautiful Dominant Woman. This list is by no means all inclusive and i am open to experimentation and learning new things about myself.

In my wildest fantasies, a dominant Mistress pimps me out for Her own gain and amusement and i myself am a shemale slut – lots of makeup, big hoop earrings, big blonde or red hair, hot anatomically incorrect body, shaved and smooth, dressed skanky, tall stilletos, plugged when i’m not being fucked, fucked when i’m not plugged, always in chastity and i will do anything to please my clients because i know it pleases my Mistress. For now, i think W/we’re getting ahead of O/ourselves with that one.

Y/you see, i am very inexperienced. i have never served a Mistress. i have spoken with at most three Mistresses either over Niteflirt or Yahoo but nothing more than an introduction. i mostly watch videos and read stories or assignments from PTVs or Clips4Sale type sites. From time to time i will stumble across a site that has good assignments and i will try to follow along but i usually don’t end up sticking with it. i do not own and clothes and i do not own any toys… yet.

i stumbled across Goddess’ Niteflirt listing last Wednesday night while i lay restless in bed. i was immediately captivated by Her beauty. i went on to read Her website. Her writing is powerful, intelligent and well put together. i went on to buy a video and picture set from Her store and several PTVs from Her Niteflirt. i was and am still so turned on and intrigued by Her beauty, power and intelligence that thoughts of Her continue to pop in my head when i cannot see Her pictures, read Her words or hear Her voice.

The following day, Goddess contacted me via Niteflirt. i was thrilled and surprised that this Woman that i adore and was quickly becoming addicted to took the time to contact me unsolicited. Most Niteflirt Dommes that i have bought PTVs from have never expressed any interest in getting to know me but Goddess is not most Niteflirt Dommes. Over the next few days W/we exchanged several emails. In our correspondence it became crystal clear that She was not only true to Her powerful and dominant internet image but also very capable and interested in being the one that makes me live out my fantasies.

i am eager, excited and little afraid to submit to Goddess. i look forward to: being tested by Her, having my limits pushed by Her, giving to Her, giving in to Her, being the best sissy i can be for Her, being the best submissive i can be for Her and anything else She may desire. my major fear is being publicly outed. At this time, i can suppress this fear but Y/you may be interested to read how it manifests itself as i continue my journey.

i will continue to update my diary as i progress through assignments. If Y/you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and i will do my best to respond in a timely fashion.

Thank Y/you for taking the time to read this,
With Love,
sissy mischa

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