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Blog by martin goes
Goddess, please, I beg You not to block me..please..tomorrow is payday and I’ll be able to repay my credit card debt. I beg for Your forgiviness, I made some payments and I have to repay my credit card. Tomorrow I’ll repay it, and I’ll be able to spoil YOu again. Please Goddess, I’ll do anything for Your feet..I LOVE them..I’ll work hard, sacrifice and live for You and Your feet. I’ll spend, spoil, pamper and do anything You order me. Please Goddess, I only have 15usd now on my cc, that’s why I didn’t paid the mail..but I’ll pay when I clean my credit card, and I’ll be able to do what I had born to do..serve You, on my knees..please Goddess, I bow down to You..

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  1. Too late.

    you were told what to do. you didn’t do it.

    Consequence was your acct being blocked. Making a new account doesn’t magically make you pass go. For wasting my time these 30 mins, $500 is owed before any future correspondence.

  2. martin goesNovember 23, 2011 @ 5:16 amReply

    Thank You so much Goddess..I beg for Your forgiviness for having wasted Your precious time. I know I’m a stupid..when I get my credit card repaid, I’ll run to pay You the usd500 I owe..thank You so much Goddess..I kiss the ground You walk on. I’ll serve You and work harder and harder to spoil You. I’ll live for You Goddess..thank You so much again.

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