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Blog by std jean-jacques

I know how desperate you were for my voice last night loser. Consider this a special warning made just for you.

Email #1——————($500)
This is to ask Your permission to purchase some of Your material online Goddess Mz Devon.

Though You and I are aware I do not have what it takes to serve You, would it be a problem for You if I bought Your recordings from time to time?

Please let me know. I will not do it if You forbid it Goddess.

I’m begging You to have mercy on me Goddess.

Email #2——————($500)

This is a nightmare. I know I can’t afford You, yet I can’t stay away from You.

You’re in my mind always. Even though I try to focus on someone or something else, I fail because You’re here, somewhere, in my mind.

I believe this is the worse possible case ever for a sub, being helplessly attracted to a Domme it can’t afford.

Email #3——————($500)

Please allow me to send 500 now, 500 this coming Friday Goddess.

You will not consider having me back, will You?

I appreciate the fact You said nothing Goddess. I did.

I need You Goddess Mz Devon. I realize I never will be worthy serving someone as perfect as You are. Never.

Yet I’m telling You, if You ever want to take over my pathetic life, it is Yours, for You to use Goddess.

i belong to Your boot, Your voice Goddess.


* I sent 500 CAD Goddess. Then i tried to send more and failed. This is no surprise, I’m 3000 EUR in the red and owe my bank 15 000 from a loan I had to take a month ago. I will try again tonight, whatever happens to me Goddess. So You know WHO I worship.

Is there the slightest chance You might allow me to crawl back once again on my belly to Your boots Goddess Mz Devon?


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  1. Oh, and jean-jacques, before you think to email about this special warning I made for you…remember that last $500 is to hit my acct first.

    Should it not, that pesky $500 email tax will be enforced and collected as always on ALL emails whether I reply or not.

    Try me. I triple dare you. I’m sure that $7000 still stings doesn’t it? I bet you get hard thinking about it though don’t you? Try and deny it.

    Also, stop following me on LJ (maninpink47). I will never post your comments there. Get a grip.

  2. 500 sent.

    (that may be true, but it’s still in pending, FIX IT! – GMD)
    ———————$0 ($1500 PAID)

    One last suggestion Goddess Mz Devon : since Your last post will bring a load of trouble to me anyway, would You allow me to make it even worse (for me)?

    In order to achieve this I could, with Your permission only, reply to Your comment on DM stating that I accept, approve and deserve the punishment You just inflicted on me, that I now fully realize how genetically UNWORTHY I am of ever serving You. That I will never emeil You again because I understand any contact with a disgusting cockroach such as I would be an insult to Your Perfection. Yet that I want You to know in the future You will just have to snap Your fingers once to have me back at Your feet, because until the day I die You will always come before everything and everyone else.

    If You think this is a silly suggestion please just disregard this msg Goddess Mz Devon. My only goal is to let everyone know how Unique and Superior You will always be.

    Email 1 ———————$500 ($500)

    I can’t send more right now, please Goddess, I’m in trouble. For real. Now is when all my bills for next semester are due.

    You decided to treat me this way, I think because You made Your mind that I will never have what it takes to be Your slave and serve You loyally, always. So You prefer to get money now, then publicly send me to the trash can so everyone sees You can get what You want without even owning me, just like that.

    Why not giving me a LAST chance to crawl back Goddess Mz Devon. One ultimate chance. On Your terms. Will all the insurance You can think of that i will neither run to someone else or ever disrespect You.

    Email 2 ———————$500 ($1000)

    The mail i just sent you from my pro email is the most serious i ever sent Goddess Mz Devon.

    And please don’t think i sent it because of my blue balls, this is not the case as i could not help but cum in my pants as i heard Your amazing voice say my name in the MP3 You put up DM.

    Email 3 ———————$500 ($1500)

    Allow me to officially crawl back to Your kennel Goddess Mz Devon.

    You get any information, safeguard, Pws You want.

    I close my current accnts, open new one(s) dedicated to you only.

    I take the blow someone will send me without even mentioning.

    I post on DM a long commitment and apology entry stating my life has taken a new path and asking others not to contact me ever.

    I behave, You rule my world. You speak, I do.

    You design a realistic payment scheme for me.

    I beg You Goddess Mz Devon. my life is in Your hands.

    (I won’t even CONSIDER replying to you or THIS until you learn MY fucking rules. PAY UP or FUCK OFF. – GMD)
    Email 4 ———————$500 ($2000)

    You just killed me Goddess.
    i offered You my life.

    Email 5 ———————$500 ($2500)

    i don’t have any more money to send right now Goddess. i’m ruined, totally. i don’t print money. It’s easy to just write “500”, “1500”, “2000”, yet these figures mean so much more than you think Goddess. i just sent You 1500 i don’t have.

    Was there any other option than sending You an email to offer my life, long term, to tell You about this complete turnover i am ready to make? No Goddess. It was the only way.

    i somehow gambled that You would understand how sincere i am this time, that i will never, ever disrespect You by straying and serving someone else, that i have changed.

    i was wrong.

    Email 6 ———————$500 ($3000)

    i must add one thing: i was such an optimistice, idealistic fool that i already wrote the life altering entry i thought You’d asked of me.

    Email 7 ———————$500 ($3500)

    i understand You really do not want me back at all Goddess Mz Devon.
    i was ready to cave in totally, give up everything.
    Yes, 4000, i know Goddess.
    This is sad.

    Email 8 ———————$500 ($4000)

    ( “Yes, 4000, i know Goddess.” Ha ha.. glad you’re starting to follow along! Perhaps having these put out here like this will SHOW you how, ABSOLUTELY foolish you are for not following 1 simple rule. Do not EMAIL Me.

    you are a parasite to me, an annoyance. Not worthy of anything but firm financial abuse. you lost your chance at serving me 2 yrs ago. I know you remember that day. Email me again before paying what you owe, it just gets bigger. When you have a $0 balance, then and only THEN will you get a reply.

    I bet you feel extra extra EXTRA stupid for not taking me up on that offer months ago to rid yourself of this blog entirely. You live and learn, well.. most people do. Not you 😉

    Merry Christmas…to ME! -> AS IF I’d ever wish you any merriment, EVER! – GMD )

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