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Blog by diaper sissy nathan

Transferred everything sissy has until the 15th, her last paycheck probably.

You are so beautiful and strong and i am so weak willed and just cowardly.

Of course nothing has changed. i still spend my days alone at home in diapers reading cuckold fiction and projecting myself in female submissive porn and refuse to let myself “beat off” over any of it while stringing myself out on diaper-chastity. Wishing i was Your locked up, sissy baby maid, a panty sniffing and Devon-ass addicted loser, signed contractually into lifelong virginity and DEVOtion.

…i cant even “really” even look Your way unless sissy has funds, which has been less and less. Fucking failure.

Hope at least that this shows Your efforts are not wasted Mz Devon. i may be a failure but to compliment You is to succeed at being a good wimp whenever i can.

sissy nathan

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