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Blog by danny boy

I can’t start to describe how happy and ecstatic I feel that I have gained a few minutes of the attention of a one true Goddess…Goddess Mz Devon.

She is nothing like all the rest you can find online or anywhere for that matter. She is beautiful, powerful and extremely intelligent. She seems to know what cords to pull and when you pull them. Taking a look to her profiles makes you realize how intelligent a woman Goddess Mz Devon is.

I was never a declared submissive..but since I started talking to Goddess Mz Devon I started discovering this side I never thought existed. All I think..and want to think worshiping and obsessing on her pictures…her so divine images that communicate so much to me. It’s a tease, a web, a dominant experience and erotic bliss at the same time.

If you indulge in some of her material/ptvs you will see how you will be captivated like I was and how you heart jumps a beat when you see that – highlighted blue- new email in your niteflirt or elsewhere. You just want more of those moments, more of MzDevon, more worshiping more obsessing and less of everything else. I never thought I would be writing these words but here I am. Goddess Mz Devon there is nothing like you in the whole world..and you know it!

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