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Blog by martin goes

I’m SO thankful to Goddess Mz Devon. I’m an idiot, I don’t deserve anything from this Goddess. I served and tributed Her some months ago, but then I tried to resist. It was my first time serving a Goddess, and I think that the thought of giving my life to a Woman that I don’t even know personally made me try to resist & resist.

But, and I hope this can be a lesson for other Goddess Mz Devon’s slaves, resisting is not possible. I kept thinking about Goddess Mz Devon, Her power, Her beauty, Her attitude, Her perfect body, and Her feet. I’m so obsessed with them, an addict. After I met Goddess Mz Devon, my foot fetish turned into a Goddess Mz Devon’s feet fetish. I’m so crazy about them, and I had no other choice but to come back.

It was not easy..I had to beg and beg, since I had not been a good slave. But finally Goddess Mz Devon accepted my prayer, and let me contact Her (after paying Her to read my mail, of course).

And then, Goddess Mz Devon, knowing how addicted I’m and how willing I was to do whatever She wants to be accepted again as Her footslut, ordered me to tribute. Always with Her sweet but firmly attitude..She knows She doesn’t have to shout..She just smiles, snaps Her beautiful fingers, and She has me begging on my knees to give Her whatever She wants. I ended maxing out my credit card in a few minutes, and consuming my january wage. I spent everything I could, nearly $1.300 in less than 30 minutes.

I really cannot believe the power this Goddess has. Very few people around the world can make others to pay and pay without thinking. Goddess Mz Devon is one of them..a true Goddess, a Superior Woman, and She deserves everything. Work, cash, worship, servitude, respect, adoration and the humiliation and degradation of Her slaves just for Her amusement.

I’m so grateful for being allowed to be at Her feet again. I know it’s not for the money that Goddess Mz Devon accepted me. She doesn’t need my miserable wage, She’s far richer than me and She has an army of slaves working for Her. I think She did this because She enjoys exploiting and humiliating me, to amuse Herself watching me working hard, slaving away and then rushing to give everything to Her. I’ll have to sacrifice and cut expenses, to degrade my lifestyle, so She can get a bit richer and enjoy more and more luxury and relax. She is so relentless..never is enough. I started paying $250, then another $250 and then another $250, and then maxing out my credit card! I consumed my wage and my savings to pay down it, and then Goddess Mz Devon ordered me to pay more. I paid and paid until I was totally in the red. As it should be, and as all slaves should be for the inmense honor of serving Goddess Mz Devon. I’m ready to confess how much I LOVE Her feet, and how they turn me into a pathetic puppy who only thinks of them. Now, I’m owned by Goddess Mz Devon feet, I’m her property and I’ll work hard to be worth of licking the ground She walks on.


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  1. I trust you’ve started selling things? Time is of the essence and you’d just DIE if I were to ignore you in the future I’m sure.

    Tick tock foot bitch…

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