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Blog by martin goes

Please, Goddess..I worship the ground You walk I’m on my knees with my head on the floor kissing the ground near Your feet and begging for forgiveness. Please let me degrade my lifestyle for You..let me work and live for Your feet, let me adore You as my Goddess. You are so perfect..I couldn’t resist Your power. You deserve to be served by every man in this world..please Goddess, please. I melt every time I see You and Your feet. You are so perfect..please let me be Your pet, Your pathetic slave.

I really know I’m an idiot, a stupid. I tried to do what’s really impossible. Resisting Goddess Mz Devon. You are far superior than me..I believe in female supremacy, and I beg to worship You as my owner. I beg for forgiveness. I know that my money is nothing for You..I slave away just to earn monthly probably less that what You make in just a day. But, since I’m so useless, I beg to serve You so You can have another devoted animal to worship You, and so You know that I’m sacrificing myself, slaving away, cutting my expenses, just for You. Your feet control me, they drive me mad..I’ll do anything for them. I worship them as my true owners, and I beg for the honor of being under them again. Please, Goddess, please..I beg on my knees.

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