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Blog by pussice

I was searching and searching, for years, for that one Goddess that could serve and now I have found Her, The Goddess Mz Devon.

I have been interested in the lifestyle for 8 years. I enjoy Female Supremacy, among other things and know that Mz Devon is as superior as superior gets.

I was first introduced to Her from Her photo sets, oh there are sooo many. Her pictures are divine and intoxicating, one look and your hooked. And not to mention Her feet; they are deliciously seductive, once you gaze at Her beauty, there is no turning back.

After viewing Your pictures and speaking with You I find myself falling deeper and deeper into Your web. Your photos are intoxicating and I feel Im in a daze waiting for the next trill or fix, Your next command.  I hope to serve You and only You. I hope that in the future I can somehow be of use to You, Mz Devon. You must have an enormous stable of servants. For the time being, I am kneeling at Your altar, head down, worshiping You.


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