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Blog by std jean-jacques

akenaton1606: is there really no chance?

Nope. you owe 4500 now idiot.

Last time i sent all i had and still You said You’d never have me back. Never.
It hurts Goddess. The lack of hope does. please snap You perfect fingers Goddess. Take control of my life, accnts, body. Fresh start. Last destination. i will send Goddess, only, please, give me a payment schedule and confirm all hope is not lost. You are different. what about 500 a week for next 6 months and all my pw Goddess? including bank so You know i dont lie?

No. Deny me? Well…. 5 doubles and never speak with me again.

never talk to You again is kind of like being dead Goddess. i truely can’t send that amount one shot Goddess, i’m down. Some slaves wimper and cry when they send 200. i’m neither lying nor playing. i need Your dominance Goddess and You know it. i can pay 500 a week for many months to come while giving You the evidence i will never stray. All the risks on me, i’ll never even mention it. Why not trust me one single time Goddess Mz Devon? i’m broke but will find a way. Can’t let that last chance slip away

It’s now 10.

i beg You to consider what i have to offer Goddess. Incidently i’m ready to send You any confession or humiliating clip You want, plus PWs and all Goddess. Can’t You see this is real? i don’t believe this i. NEED. You. Goddess. will do anything to convince You, earn Your trust. You do not know the new me yet GMD. Goddess Mz Devon, i’m tired, exhausted, bored with all games. Please take my life and lets move on. i can’t see why You would not want me Goddess, take my life for good, clips, pictured, passport, PWs, info and make history. And i’ll still be Yours the day i die.

Na, you aren’t worth it.

i AM Goddess! You know deep inside i have what it takes.

The day you tried to threaten me was the day you ceased to exist in my world.

i’m not surprises You mention it Goddess, not a single day has passed since then when i did not think about it and hate me for doing this. Goddess, i swear to all that is dear to me i don’t have the means to do this now. But give me just a little time. i will borrow from my bank. i need a fex days for approval. i’m not good right now but they should let it go, i’ve got a gov job, they’ll trust me one more time Goddess.  i’m not playing right now Goddess. Hope You can see that. i need a fex days Goddess. Do not kill me. You must realize this is too much money. Trust me. Ask me any task, anything in the meanwhile to prove my worth. Goddess i need to borrow first. i’m already applying online, right now, to a short term loan. i’ll get their reply Monday. Then they credit my accnt immediately. Please, please, please Goddess trust me for once. You do understand what i’m offering You here Goddess? my life. Complete control. No game. Everything in the open. Light. In fact i’ll be relieved when You control my bank accnt because i will not anymore fear You suspect im lying, hiding something Goddess. No one ever helped herself in my accnts. Onlt You controlled my PP. No one got full info or humiliating clips recorded by me. No on but You got my ph number. i was dirty. i want to come lean. For You only GMD. i don’t know who You really are Goddess. i just can’t help doing silly things for You. Just can’t resist. In ten years no one got a full face video clip from me Goddess. i’m as sick as You think i am, thougj i regret so many moves.can’t send right now Goddess. But i learned my lesson. i will send You first, then contact You. i will nees Your bank accnt numbers Goddess. Pls send me bank info Goddess! send me an email with Your bank info please Goddess. i will need it. i will do ANY task GMD!! try me please. i’m driving right now Goddess. Please tell me what You want me to record, You will get the clip pronto! please Goddess.  its double what You asked an hr ago. i will surprise You. i’ll do all that is in my power to send 10. Then You decide what You do with my life Goddess. I swear i tell You the truth. You have to believe me! allow me to humbly beg You on Your turn Goddess, do not miss this one opporrtunity. i will earn You.  Anyhow.

let’s see Goddess.
You might not realize what is going to happen Goddess.
please Truste me. <<<<Bwhahahahahhahaha….

As of 02/06/12 it is now 15k. you will never have any negotiations with me. No “please believe me Goddess”. you created this bed now… enjoy your bumpy shitty slumber! Happy trails you dipshit con artist. The embassy really needs to do a major housecleaning I’d say. Such an embarrassment to your country you are faggot.

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3 Responses

  1. i just sent You 500 CAD via Paypal Goddess.

    my bank is giving me a hardtime for the loan, it’s still on hold. To their credit, i’m already struggling to pay back to others personal loans they gave me in the past.

    They must disappointed at me, i probably looked like a promising client when that bank first signed me in, many years ago. Look at what my real and virtual lives have made me. A loser.

  2. Tsk tsk… Looks like you need to start kissing some major ass not only with me but with your BANK too!

    Think of how good you’ll feel knowing all those thousands will be in their rightful place soon.

  3. you just can’t fucking stay away.

    Well, it keeps costing you jackass.


    $16, 000

    Awwww… was I supposed to jump up and down for your chump change you piece of shit? No, I think not.

    My investment in you is way bigger at this point.

    I’d say I’ll miss you over the next 2-3 weeks till you come and annoy me again, but wait….


    Take a hint already.

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