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Blog by jerome bost


This is a warning to other women online who may or may not have dealt with this nasty con / chargeback weasle out of Bridgeport, Connecticut. If you have had fetish, phone domination or phone sex sessions with this goof that goes by jerry atkins, u-slave, or his real name jerome bost, this will be of interest to you. If you have any similar c/b non payment issues with him like this, feel free to contact me for his address and or telephone # should you need it. he is affiliated with some very big charities for his cleaning company, which I’m sure they’d be disgusted to learn of his outside SEVERE race play interests and fraudulent behavior.

Backstory :
jerome owes a hefty sum of $5000 from screwing up last year repeatedly. Then was banished when he did not pay as he promised. I don’t deal with losers who don’t do as they say. Someone decided to pop up last night and beg to pay his dues and be allowed to worship his Goddess, confessing his addiction to me yet again. I wanted nothing to do with him.. he then (again) promised, assured me he would clear up all his debt if I would speak with him more. Ha ha… mmm hmmm…

Blah blah… after paying a $600 in tributes to go against his dues he wanted more attention, which he didn’t deserve yet. Pay your debt then obsess over Goddess. When he didn’t get what he wanted, more Goddess time… he called the owners of the phone network processing company, left a voicemail after hrs to say the charges weren’t “authorized”. When the owner called him back with the number I have on file for jerome the next day, he answered, and asked them if he could call them back in 5 mins. jerome never did. They tried to ring him repeatedly after that and he never answered his phone. Caught in a lie and not fixing his damage.

Do not deal with this trash. he is now in my eyes nothing but a perverted con artist and thief. I’ve opted to take a similar shaming route taken by most stores when bounced checks arise or shoplifting, his details and face posted. If you session with this trash, be wary… he thinks he’s clever. Considering he is a cleaning “lady” for work who can’t even afford to live on his own (a grown adult living with godparents??).

I included his voicemail (see top of this post) sent mins after I text him about the chargeback. Funny, he admits he’ll take care of the issue yet ran away when he was asked to confirm the charges with the processor directly.

“if they didn’t go through I’d be happy to see what I can do to see that they do” <<— O’Realllly?


I know you’re reading this loser, I see you on my sites every other day googling yourself. You now owe me $5600 jerome, and there will never be any discount in future. If you would like to apologize and clear this up, you know how to reach me. No excuses, no bs, fix your mess properly, do not leave it as a cowardly criminal.

Some of his correspondence via email that night :

“no way, I am trying attmpting to post 500.00 to the site and i am being rejected. Its saying my 3 digit security code is not going through. Called bank everything is okay on there end. looks like i need to wait 10 mins now unless you have another option.”

“may I call you for a better understanding “

“I was able to send 100.00 after paying 200.00 draft. May I call you ??”

“I have 90.00 lefy in my savings and will give that to you also if u wish.”

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