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Blog by std jean-jacques

Goddess Mz Devon,
Would You allow me to send You an email of importance including a proposal? This is serious. (SS#1)

you just can’t fucking stay away. Well, it keeps costing you jackass. $15,500 -GMD

4 Twitter alias in 24 hrs? Really? @leclerc_1947, @danang_1947, @Costelloe_1947, @Sherwood_1947
(SS#2) $16,000 -GMD

Can’t communicate with You anymore since everything goes public within the following minute.
This is unfortunate. Adieu Goddess. (SS #3)

Adieu Asshole. Take a hint already. $16,500 -GMD

may i send You a short msg of substance,facts only,that You would give Your word will not go public? (SS#5)

1 – After you send me $2000…
2- Email me again, without that cash in my acct. Back to posting.
3 – Msg of “substance” may only include the details of when you are sending MY money… no excuses, sob stories or lies. I don’t care about your life or made up life for that matter. I doubt you will have anything left to say correct?
4 – Read #2 above again… understand? $17,000 -GMD

.1000 a month at vitam aeternam (NF games and such not included). First installment now.
.All my PWs – accounts – numbers – contact points – complete control.
.i delete all existing accnts.
.send You any info You need + cam / video / pics.
.Complete, effective chastity. (SS #6)

Yawn….. go. away. you. are. not. wanted.
Stop emailing, stop following me on Twitter, just stop. Don’t you have some cheesy stuffies to buy??
$17,500 -GMD

This post is a continuance from the Feb 6th post entitled – “pls truste me

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