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Blog by pussice

Today was the first ‘real’ day of worshiping The Goddess Mz Devon’s feet. I could not get Her beautiful feet out of my head, though why would I want to. It was overwhelming at times. All I could picture were the countless images of Her feet, the array of nail polishes, the layout and background of each and every image, Her feet in heels, sandals, or bare. It was as if I had studied Her images for months and memorized every inch of every photo to its entirety. No matter what I was doing, some how, my mind would wander and Goddess’s feet would dance around my head.

Did I mention I had a dream about Goddess’s feet. It was a short dream, though a dream non the less. Every foot photo I have that Mz Devon was so gracious to allow me to purchase were displayed in an endless slide show in my dream, and all I could do was stare, stare at the countless foot images and become engulfed by Her stunning feet.

Thank You Goddess for allowing me the privilege to worship Your feet.

As always, I am kneeling at Your altar, head down, worshiping You.

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