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Blog by pussice

I am falling farther and farther down in a seductive mind-numbing web for my Goddess, Mz Devon. The past few days, I looked at Her beautiful feet photos in my/Her wallet just before heading to work and the way the bulging wallet feels in my side-pocket is a constant reminder of Mz Devon. Throughout the day, I am at-times overwhelmed with just the though of Mz Devon and the aspect of serving Her. I am absolutely fortunate to even have the opportunity to serve a Goddess like Her. Though I suppose it was fate;

I was born to serve the Goddess, Mz Devon.

Goddess informed me to construct an altar of worship for Her that I can worship daily. I plan to blow-up/resize a main photo of Her to be the main focus of the altar and place other photos around it. Thus I can worship Her after I wake up in the morning,throughout the day,and before I head to bed at night. Maybe as I kneel,with my head down and nose inches from the ground or as I look up at Her pictures as they tower over me I’ll voice a small Goddess prayer or “thank you” to Mz Devon for allowing me to worship Her another day.

I am graciously kneeling at Your altar, head down, worshiping You.

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