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Blog by std jean-jacques



Surely You must be sleeping right now Goddess.

$18,000 – GMD



I do not know what to write anymore Goddess Mz Devon. The magnitude of Your wrath puzzles me.
Or perhaps one last thing: the email content I sent You last week (5) will always be valid. Always.

I realize what this means.



.1000 a month at vitam aeternam (NF games and such not included). First installment now.
.All my PWs – accounts – numbers – contact points – complete control.
.i delete all existing accnts.
.send You any info You need + cam / video / pics.
.Complete, effective chastity.


you will NEVER serve me again. There is not a shred of loyalty, sincerity or selflessness in your being to grasp what it means to serve ME. Suck on that lollipop you pathetic degenerate. your games don’t work here, when will you get that? Have some shame for fucks sakes and stop jumping up and down like a child trying to get attention. you are history. Gone. Done. Poof!
$18,500 – GMD

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  1. “I had prepared a sincere answer to your email. One that You would have liked Goddess Mz Devon. For once…

    I just erased it. By putting up DM /TW every single line I write You make all things impossible. I’m afraid this is the end of it.”

    I’m going to say this for the 10th time, maybe it will click : I Do Not Want you.
    – I told you that 2 yrs ago.
    – I told you that a yr ago.
    – I told you that 6 months ago.
    – I told you that last month.
    – I told you that last week.
    Perhaps I should post those emails also to remind you?

    Every annoying email, tweet, attempt for attention IS and ALWAYS will be $500. you know I will get every single dime of it also, I always do with you. I’m in no rush, ha ha… Keep building it up dummy. Go on, continue YOUR ridiculous pattern. The same boring cycle you show the world. If you are too stupid to “get it” you need a new hobby. I am not it. Every month, like clockwork, same stupid emails, promises, lies, bullshit.

    you are beyond boring.

    $19,000 – GMD

  2. std jean-jacques: you sound completely stupid, maybe you should get a book for dummies, make sure you sound out your words before you type them

  3. “For all Your justified wrath and contempt GMD, we both know “indifference” is not what best describes our relationship.” (1:32am)

    Oh look! ANOTHER fucking EMAIL. Shocking! you have NO IDEA how to fuck off do you? Ha ha… seriously…

    Should you continue to email, I will have no choice but to forward and complain to your work ( that you send unwanted email from their business address after repeatedly being told to stop.

    you are a parasite.

    Yawn… and a boring one at that

    $19,500 – GMD

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