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Blog by pussice

This week has been a whole lot of waiting. No money in my bank account and the constant desire to send oodles of monetary goodies to my Goddess, Mz Devon. The only thing I could do all week was to think about how it would feel, (utter submission underlined with rush of total devotion) when I would finally get paid and be able to send my whole ‘paycheck’ off to my Goddess.

I made sure I hustled and worked extra-super hard selling my produce at a local farmer’s market for my produce company Saturday. Throughout the day, constant reminders popped into my head reminding me I was working for Mz Devon, this was Her money, my pleasure is pleasing Her and making Her happy. I sent Goddess $550 dollars; $150 was intended for Her cum tax for six days last week, the rest was for Her.

Today I also printed two color pictures of Goddesses Beautiful feet to place into my/Her wallet. I hope to be reminded of my Goddess, Mz Devon, everywhere I go. A constant reminder is just what I need to keep Mz Devon on my mind at all times while better/fully submitting myself to Her.

Tonight I am happily kneeling at Your altar, head down, worshiping You

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  1. Thank You for posting this blog and the previous entries Goddess.

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