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Blog by pussice

The Goddess Mz Devon‘s feet.

Need I say more?

They are beautiful; stunning.

They give you that warm feeling that make you melt and fall out of your chair at the same time. The only thing left to do is kneel, bow your head and gobble up as many of her delectable photos that you can find.

I am currently overwhelmed with Her beautiful feet on the beach in Maui. The sky blue water, super-awesome pink nail polish and jagged rocks in the distant paint the picture of a true Goddesses feet, so superior, so delectable, they tease me with each glance I take of the picture.

Everything of Yours makes me weak. Your feet however were the star of the last few pictures I thankfully received so they were on the tip of my tongue. Your nail polish makes me weak, how perfect they are make me weak. I would Love to shower Your feet with kisses and massage them while kneeling for hours. I would lick the sweat and grime and whatever You stepped in just to make sure they are perfectly clean.

Thank You Goddess for allowing me to purchase Your magnificent pictures.

Always kneeling at Your altar, head down, worshiping You.

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