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Blog by serve elite

I’ve always been pretty average in life. average height, average weight, did average in school, average athlete. And I’m totally OK with this. Life is what life is, you play the hand your dealt and make the most of it. I’ve also always felt inferior to dominant women. Again, totally OK with this. A long time ago I decided to go with it rather than swim upstream and be something I’m not. I never knew that this decision to embrace my place in life would translate to making me much better than average.

In stark contrast to my life, there is Goddess Mz Devon. She is everything that is beautiful and perfect in the world. A true Goddess, dominant, powerful, brilliant, and breathtakingly, drop-dead, heart-attack causing beautiful. A lethal combination. She knows this, and has used Her skills and powers to live the life She deserves, amassing a following of eager submissives that recognize Her Greatness and who’s primary purpose in life is to be an extension of Her will. How incredible!

Incredible that someone like Goddess Devon exists, and incredible that “average” folk like me get to be a part of it. Being a part of something so great is the closest me, and billions of others out there, will get to touching greatness. Thank You Goddess Mz Devon for enriching my life! How can i be average if i’m interacting with You!!

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  1. Easy on the ego. Thinking of yourself being above average is like my blow dryer (that I use daily) having such thoughts… you are a tool, nothing more, nothing less. Should you stop working how you are designed to for ME, you will be tossed, just like my blow dryer. This banner seems appropriate no? – GMD

  2. Serve EliteApril 24, 2012 @ 2:02 pmReply

    Goddess, i’m sorry and thank You for setting me straight. i understand i’m nothing unless i’m working for You as You desire. Thank You for posting my entry, even though it included silly thoughts of grandeur.

  3. I’m sure I’ll find a way for you to make your foolishness up to me. – GMD

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