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Blog by jon

I woke up this morning having my first real day off in over a month. Like normal I got a bit restless pretty early on. It’s one of the side effects of being deployed over seas….there’s not much to do. While browsing around online I inevitably came upon niteflirt. After telling myself I wouldn’t actually indulge in anything new, that I would just look at old paymails in order to get the deed done and get on with my day I eventually came across a couple of the Goddess Mz Devon‘s paymails that I had previously left unpaid.

I had the intent to just bypass it but ultimately I couldn’t.

See a good while back I had given her some info and the last time I spoke with her she drained me completely but still wanted more. Like a fool I ran away thinking there was a chance she wouldn’t do anything but now I started getting curious so I decided to pay them and see what they had to say. I would have liked to believe that I didn’t think she would follow up after seeing that I paid them but deep down I knew that she would and of course she did. Knowing this it should be easy to just walk away since there isn’t much more she could do to me right? That’s what I thought until she told me to get on yahoo. Immediately she has me tribute her and I don’t want to disappoint so I make it a $500 tribute hoping that is all she will ask of me, while at the same time getting even more excited because deep down I know it’s not.

I know she’s going to end up with everything in my account.

Needless to say it didn’t take long, under two hours, for her to get it all…around $2300. I really didn’t have anything else for her to hold over me other than her beauty and attitude which was clearly enough to have praying on a subconscious level for her to take everything….and she was definitely more than happy to step up to the occasion. On the very bright side it was the best orgasm I’ve had all month and all it cost me was over 2k and pretty much any pride and self-respect I may have had today.

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