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Embracing the Ache

The last few days have been quite interesting…and nothing like i’d ever experienced. After my first absolutely intoxicating interactions with Goddess Mz Devon, i have not gone 2 waking minutes without thinking about Her and longing to be in Her servitude. i’ve reread our email exchanges a hundred times, and my ache for serving Her is a self-perpetuating cycle.

i think about how in a few short notes that took Her probably 5 minutes total to write, i went from an independent young man to completely obsessing over Goddess Mz Devon. i reflect on this and how easy it was for Her, how many others there must be like me, and that makes me more obsessive, and the cycle repeats.

Like an addict who’s drug has been taken away, i am now feeling the withdrawals. i have a tremendous ache to feel that again, and will do basically anything to get there. Since the first day, i have not allowed myself a release…i feel like i don’t deserve it, and the self-imposed chastity is deepening my longing.

i have never focused on making lots of money. i’m a simple man with simple needs, i never had a desire to chase the almighty dollar. This is no longer the case, for the first time in my life i’m laser focused on maximizing income and minimizing expense to properly tribute and serve Goddess. The ache is driving me to this. As Goddess suggests, I’m embracing it. She is the Goddess i was born to serve.

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