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Blog by martin goes

Today Goddess Mz Devon drained me even more. Yesterday, She easily took more than $400 in just half an hour, until my cc was maxed out. I was so ashamed since I hadn’t more for my Goddess and Her beautiful perfect feet, so today I borrowed money from my bank, repaid my cc and I spent almost $500 in no time, with Goddess Mz Devon manipulating me.

She knows how much control She has over me, with Her face, Her smile, Her eyes, Her seductive voice, Her perfect Woman body, Her lovely legs and Her delicate feet, the object of my desires, my Owners, the ones I think about all day in every situation.

And finally, after begging, degrading myself and spending, Goddess Mz Devon finally allowed me access to Her Temple. I was extremely crazy to go inside, but She, with Her sweet feminine yet firm orders, She made me wait for hours, that for me were longer than days or weeks.

I’m so grateful now..I know I’ll worship Goddess Mz Devon everyday..I’ll only think about Her, the most beautiful Woman in the world, and the one that deserves everything..the work and sacrifice of Her slaves so She can live a life full of luxuries and happiness without having to work in boring jobs like her slaves. Thank You Goddess..thank You for letting me slave away and work hard so I can contribute to Your pleasure and Your lifestyle..You deserve the best, and all the work and suffering is for slaves, not for a superior Goddess like You.

Thank You..

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  1. martingoesApril 27, 2012 @ 4:00 pmReply

    Thank You so much, Goddess..thank You….it’s an honor to be able to write about HOW MUCH I LOVE Your perfection, Your beauty, Your power and Your lovely feet. Thank You..

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