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Blog by digidyding

Of course I was intrigued to make the call.  Yes, true I was nervous.   You did seem to put me at ease, right away.  Looking back now that may have been part of your plan or recipe as you call it.  Once you relaxed me and gain an uneasy trust or rapport, that’s when it happened.  What, I am still not sure.  My best guess is you introduced the ideas of how I wanted to be submissive and that I ached for it.  Something I needed.  Eventually you seemed to tie it all together that it should be to you.

It was at about this time I started feeling very nervous and scared but yet very excited.  I knew at this moment you were right.  I was missing something and yearned for something I couldn’t even voice or explain but yet you knew all along.  This is when the roller-coaster of emotions began.  I wrestled internally with the feelings of knowing that it would or could be so bad to give in (still waiting to find out).  Yet wanting to give in and submit so badly to feel more of that indescribable feeling.

I still worry that my decision to move forward and submit to you may end up one day being a bad decision and one I may have great difficulty escaping.  By the end of the call, I was in amazement how you took a skeptic and turned him into believer that aches for more.

Mz. Devon, I beg you please to allow me to call once again.  That indescribable feeling that I didn’t even know I needed or ached for but you did, is what I seek.  I beg you to allow me to feel it once again.  Yes it scares me but yet here I am begging you to allow me.  Aching for you.


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  1. footmattJune 21, 2012 @ 8:55 amReply

    digidyding, you have expressed EXACTLY how I feel. I just spoke with the Goddess MzDevon for the very first time, and I feel so exhilarated. She really gave me a verbal lashing, and let me know how pathetic and stupid I was. I was trembling when I called her. She said “you pathetic losers, you live this life where you crave my attention, and you love when I’m a mean bitch to you, and it’s like sex to me to break you down.” WOW. She wouldn’t even let me join her site. Right now I am carrying out her assignments. I am just amazed that she gave me the time of day. She doesn’t have to put up with me. She could just pack and go away on her trip. She doesn’t need to even acknowledge me. Yet she did. That shows you how SWEET and LOVELY she is. I want to please her. I just want to please her. Her attention is precious.

  2. Since writing that I have lost contact with Mz. Devon. She told me once that I will never meet another like her. She was absolutely correct. She can some how get into my head and make this skeptic ache for her control. Unfortunately my circumstances won’t permit me to continue my relationship with her. I do find my self wondering the “what ifs”. How nice it would be to completely give in and give up control (or rather she takes it). One can only dream


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