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Blog by subjames

I had come across Mz Devon’s website some time ago while trailing through financial dome directory listings. I have always treated financial domination as a fantasy, something I would never fall for, in fact – apart from the fantasy – not something I wanted to get involved in. Reading the blogs and statements of a some of these mistresses and princesses certainly excited me, but surely I wouldn’t waste my money on a ‘cyber’ relationship. I preferred to submit myself – and my money – in person to a dominant woman, a professional Mistress, in real time, and take some real time humiliation, pain and degradation. Yes, I thought this was as far as I would ever go – in fact as far as you could go, give or take the various fetishes and slave-Mistress relationship scenarios that might be developed – in my submissive world.

But that was until a couple of days ago. I had joined niteflirt some time ago, but just to browse the more commanding of the financial mistresses that were on the site. Even then Mz Devon stood against all of them, and yes, I was tempted to call her. In fact I tried, but luckily, or unluckily for me, NF only accepts US or Canadian phone lines – saved for the time being. But of course I came back time and time again, lust and craving after the Goddess, viewing the various channels in addition to NF where I might glimpse her beauty and seemingly innocent seductive charms. And so it was that after some time something clicked in me and I just had to hear what this alluring Mistress sounded like, and I got up to courage to purchase one of her audio clips from NF. Well, that was probably a mistake, the seductive tones and message had me hooked, and off I went down a little spiral of image shopping that Mz Devon is so good at laying – of course I wanted to be called a good boy, of course I wanted to look into Mistress’s eyes, of course I wanted to see her smile, of course I wanted to buy the next pic, and the next pic, and the next pic, and of course I felt weak and delirious caught in Mz Devon’s delicious trap.

Before I knew it I had spent more than I ever had on any type of online fetish content before, and knew I had to stop. But of course this was only the beginning, I was about to be caught in the full glare of Mz Devon’s headlamps – and what glorious headlamps they are. Oh look, I thought the next evening browsing my mail, there’s another message from Mz Devon on NF, maybe a general announcement, a public event, or even a free pic! But no, it was worse, much worse – Mz Devon had noticed me, me, an insignificant lurker on the web, and she had me in her sights.

But Mz Devon is nothing if not subtle. A single line to reel me in, oh look who are you? How could I resist, and then another single line – yes, she’s not going to waste bait on me until she knows I’m biting good and hard. And before I know it I’m laying my adoration and submission bare before her, lapping up paid for messages like there’s no tomorrow. What had I got myself into!?

Was this my downfall, or could I dip my toe in the water and retreat?

Well, I still don’t know the answer. I had the briefest of chats with Mz Devon last night, and was on the edge of my seat, but Thursday is still to come. With a few simple lines today she’s already got me praising her, rolling out my personal confession, and writing this blog entry for her amusement and your entrapment. So what is going to happen when I speak to her in person, I cannot think! And perhaps that’s the problem – I cannot think of anything, except Mz Devon, the most seductive, beautiful, manipulative, angel faced, and by all accounts cruel, evil and ruthless, Goddesses on the planet. Or is she just taking what is rightfully hers …?

Oh, how scared I am of tomorrow’s chat. Oh, how I can’t wait for tomorrow’s chat …


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  1. Looking back and seeing how it all began, I thank Goddess Mz Devon for giving me another chance to submit and serve

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