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Blog by nathan .s.

I’d noticed Mz. Devon’s presence on the web for years. She looked like my kind of mistress, bitchy, confident, and classy, but I held off on calling her because her rates were on the highside . But I kept coming back to her site because, well, she just seemed so right.

A couple of weeks ago, on a lark, I was browsing through her site and I noticed that she was selling telephone sessions at a lower rate than on other services. I thought, ooh, that might be doable! I purchased a membership on her site and I was hooked. Really what I was looking for was a sense of her voice. There are some voices that just make me melt, and Mz. Devon’s is one of them. I eagerly lapped up her recordings and her videos but was hungry for more. That’s when I called her.

Because I have a wife and child I had to call her from my office. We chatted briefly on IM before she agreed to let me call her on her direct line. She was OUT OF THIS WORLD. For a woman who really pushes my buttons, it’s not about what she says, but how she says it. Mz. Devon has a certain confidence in her tone that just screams dominance. She is obviously extremely intelligent and can probably run circles around me. She talked about how she listens to my breathing and my tone and can read my moods and reactions. She talked about how unpredictable she is and how, next time, who knows if the previous call will have pissed her off and she’ll be in a particularly vindictive mood?

I had to talk to her longer because she was just so damn good! I don’t know what we talked about but she collected some info on me, e-mailed my work address (!), and texted me. Ouch, talk about invading your life! She is just so fucking subtle and evil. I think I fell in love with her.

The next couple of weeks I pined for her everyday. When I fucked my wife, all I could think about was how amazing Mz. Devon was and how she had texted me “tsk tsk.” Then this past weekend, I had trouble getting it up because I was feeling guilty about having to think about Mz. Devon just to perform with my poor wife. That’s when it dawned on me just how messed up I really was.

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