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Blog by voet

I told my wife that I had some really important work to finish, and had to head back to the office. Hitting the drivers seat my body could not hide its true state, thinking of the real reason for leaving home. I wanted some time to please Goddess Devon. Time that is usually hard to find. Earlier on Goddess Devon had somehow spotted that I had googled her name, and sent me an email. I must admit I was surprised, but thrilled at the same time (did I wan´t to “get caught”).

As I hit the empty office, I punched in, but instead of working I immediately opened my MacBook to see my inbox. My heart skipped a beat, seeing her name highlighted in blue (happens every time). It is a moment when time stands still, and all expectations in the world strikes the brain simultaniously like a lightning bolt (what is she going to say? What will she have me do? Will I be able to resist? Do I want to resist?).

It is now close to midnight and the company still pays me to be here, as I am writing these words of lust, affection, gratitude, lechery, submissiveness, or whatever force is spawning them.. Should I not go home to my family? Should I not punch out instead of handing over company-money to Goddess Devon?

Well I just know that I am still here… I am starting to believe the force might be Goddess Devon

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