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Blog by martin goes

After getting my wallet drained in no time by Goddess Mz Devon, I had to confess Her something. Since She is my Owner, I must have no secrets with Her. Not only I adore and worship Her as the Perfect Woman and Goddess She is..I also LOVE Her beautiful feet more than anything else in the world. I know it may sound sad and pathetic, but everytime I have sex I’m only able to think about Goddess Mz Devon‘s feet.

Her lovely toes, the way She wiggles them, Her soft soles, Her perfectly shaped ankles, Her pedicured toenails..everything about them drives me absolutely WILD, and I constantly think and dream about them. About being able to submit to them, to bow down to them and beg to worship them. I only can think about them…I know it may be pathetic, but it’s too much perfection to handle. Her feet are impossible to describe in words..and my life is not enough to worship them.

Thank You, Goddess. Thank You.

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