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Blog by subjames

Away for two trips, only back briefly, couldn’t stop thinking of my Goddess. On brief return dived straight into messages to see if there was any news – a brief ‘ahem’ luring me into to more of her tangled web, oh the Mistress of manipulation that she is.

Still a novice, I jump to attention, any thought that I could resist banished. But only too late realize that I had overlooked daily praise to my Goddess. Too late, off again, this time the leash that is now oh so tightly wrapped round my cock and balls, pulling so tightly, pulling me back to Goddess Mz Devon, that no sooner am I back and I ams pouring over this amazing Goddess once more.

Not expecting her to be online, she is nothing if not full of surprises, and she soon had me jumping to attention once more, tributing her and ordering me to get on messenger once more, where she is so expert at manipulation. Oh, can I get enough of this Goddess …?

And now, here I am, writing her another blog entry, another devotional outpouring to this gorgeous Goddess, whilst she keeps another of her pups tied up, where will it end?

Now hanging on her next line, her next whim …

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  1. Little did I know then how long I would be left hanging, and how strong the strings would be – thank you Goddess for reeling me back in

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