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Blog by bavnild

Hello everyone. What i’m about to tell you, is my own succeed and downfall one in same..

I’m a straight ahead, Dominant, controlling guy from Denmark, at the age of 22.

I’m used to stressed situations and hard decisions, because of my work in the Danish Army as a squad leader.

One thing i failed to get control off, was when i meet Goddess Mz Devon, She saw right through me, and quickly dispatced all of my willpower, to even try and resist her.

Within 20 minuts i was completely at her mercy, felt like i was unable to make a decision without her saying, i got stressed within the first 5 minuts, once she quickly lured out my secrets, without me even knowing what she did. Now im unable to get her out of my head, my cock is aching for her, and my hearth is beating like crazy whenever i see a picture of her. I’m 100% sure that im madly in love with Goddess Mz Devon.

I’m unable to resist her, i’m afraid of losing her, i worship her. And all this happened withing a few hours I can only imagine what will happened within weeks……

Already now….. This feels like a whole change of my life, being devoted to Goddess Mz Devon

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