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Blog by devonite yes boy

I’ve run away from Goddess Mz Devon multiple times, but I always come back tail between legs, kissing her feet and ass begging for her to take me back, and every time it costs me more. Running away never works because even if I’m not talking to her, because she still mentally has a hold over me. Once Goddess Mz Devon gets inside your head, she is there for good. There is no going back after, once the first word she speaks enters your ear, you belong to her from that point on.

Even without uttering a word she can control me. Just looking at her pictures, or seeing that paymail and not knowing whats inside, it’s almost as if I’m forced to click the “send payment” button with no control over my own actions. Goddess Mz Devon is cruel but lovely, abusive but understanding and her beauty makes any man instantly want to give her everything.

She deserves it all and more, and considering the fact that I’ve given her everything multiple times, I can confidently say she does get it all.

Aching for you,

Devonite Yes Boy

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