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Blog by e.a.

Goddess, please

i lied… i’m so pathetic, i know that now… You made me realize how much of a drug You can be to me… i really dont have that kind of money.. i lied because the idea of surrendering so much money ($2000) to You turned me on so fucking much that i created this whole fake situation. it was stupid i know… and it got me into a lot of trouble and it was disrespectful towards You. I’m sorry. But this just shows that when i actually will have this kind of money, this obsession of mine might be to Your amusement.

Again Goddess, i know You’re superior, dont destroy me.

Please Goddess PLEASE dont… i will get kicked out IMMEDIATELY… i dont know what i will do… my life will end… my whole life is in Your hands… please dont kill me Goddess.

I stayed away from You since the last email last month because i knew i wasnt worth worshipping You Goddess… if You want me to stay away from You until i have money then i will do so… please Goddess… dont end my life, even if my existence is so insignificant compared to Yours.

goddess i will send take a semester off to work I PROMISE
just dont send them an email
i am an idiot indeed… i am anything you want me to be right now… i am your slave… you are my God

Goddess this time i SWEAR im not lying…. i really dont have that kind of money right now

Please have mercy on my soul

Give me a little more time to figure this out Goddess. Have mercy on your slave. i’m on my knees

Goddess please! find me someone in the montreal region and i will suck his dick for You for money… i am THAT desperate…. i will do ANYTHING for You Goddess… anything You could think of that would help me out get some money…. You are my God and You command me… sorry not “my”God, simply GOD

Have mercy

Thank You

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