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Blog by e.a.

GODdess Mz Devon

During the last few months, i was running away from You, running as fast as my legs can carry me, as if death was chasing after me. From time to time, i would peer over my shoulder, just to find out that i was blocked from all Your websites, except twitter. That little picture of Yours on Your twitter profile was all that was keeping me alive throughout the withdrawal syndrome that i developed while away from You.

I struggled to escape from Your web, struggled hard, but today, i collapsed. My heart was racing, pounding against the rim of my chest, i lost myself, and fell. Am i dead? Will i survive? Only You know. My future is truly fully in Your hands, and i’ve never meant the word “truly” so much before in my entire life. I’ve lived in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, and i’ve never met a God-like creature like Your Perfect Self. Even when i’ll be in my forties, i’ll always be crawling back to You.

You are the GODdess of all men, whether they know it or not.

No Escape poem

by ~Mythhunter

Running as fast as my legs can carry me
I’m running for my life, death is chasing after me
Peering over my shoulder I find the horror lurching out
Sending me down with him down a tower
Dragging me to the depths of Hell, I couldn’t scream
My nails clawed against the wall, trying to grip
Losing control, I fell endlessly until I reached a landing
Gathering myself up, I gasp for air, I’m suffocating
Thy monster comes out from behind, takes me under his reach
I struggle to escape, there’s no escape this time
Claws tearing through my flesh, he sends me spiraling into the air
I collapse, and huddle against the rain, blood flowing into crimson rivers
Staring out into my worst enemy, while falling off the edge
My heart’s racing, pounding against the rim of my chest
My fingers slipping, I lose myself, and fall
Am I dead? Will I survive? On the contrary, this isn’t over yet

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