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Blog by johnpal

A very curious thing happened to me over the last week. i have become completely obsessed with an incredible Goddess. A powerful, brilliant, beautiful, completely exquisite diety.

i have gone from not even knowing She exists to thinking about Her non-stop in less than one week. i have a hard time concentrating in meetings at work, i only sleep a few hours a night, during which time i dream about Her constantly. She is so gorgeous! Perfect in every way, head to toe. Perfect hair, angelic face, perfectly voluptuous tits, to-die-for ass, perfectly shapely legs, and exquisite feet. i can (and regularly do) stare at Her pictures for hours.

i have never observed something this beautiful. She clearly knows She is this beautiful, making her even more attractive to me. Combine that with a aggressive dominant attitude, which i am just now having the thrill of feeling. And finally what i’m sure is a highly sadistic slant. This Goddess should be ruling the world. She is definitely ruling mine. i am hooked.

i know She intends to completely use me for Her benefit. A completely one-sided relationship, She tells me what to do and i do it. She’ll take my money, my sexuality, maybe (if i’m lucky) my complete identity. Of course there’s a voice inside me saying “stop!”…i tell that voice to shut up. She deserves this. This is the way things should be, dominant, beautiful Goddesses should have people like me doing their bidding. Her needs should come above mine. She should exploit me. i’m a weak, feeble minded, very unattractive man with submissive tendencies. i’m on this earth to serve, that is my destiny. And i think I’ve found the Goddess I was born to serve.

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