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Blog by chris

This would be your typical boy meets Domme story,  except for one thing: Mz Devon is anything but typical.

It all started when i saw Her NiteFlirt ad. i was attracted to Her beauty, intrigued by Her words and, well, Her frankness. It read like my demise was a foregone conclusion and my clicking the link was a mere formality.

Well, this proved to be truer than i could have ever known.

Through the course of 20 or so hours (probably less) Goddess Mz Devon has turned my intrigue into insatiable desire, my will into a need to serve, y ego into an irresistible compulsion to please, and my cock into a weapon of mass destruction…aimed directly at me.

i’m slowly reaching “12 y/o school girl at a Bieber concert” levels of giddiness over here. Rationality is becoming an alien concept as i find myself almost completely lost in Her genuine beauty and raw sex appeal.

In addition to the extreme lust i’m assaulted with in viewing Her images and hearing Her voice, i’m also being overcome with mindless reverence at the mere thought She would allow me the opportunity to provide even a pittance of amusement.

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  1. i’m deeply humbled and grateful that You’ve allowed me this opportunity, Mz Devon.

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