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Blog by danny boy

Dear Goddess…I spent so much money on niteflirt last time I just wanted to end it and ran away. I knew I had two of your pending emails and i tried to forget them. I didnt use niteflirt anymore until i recieved your two mass mailing emails of a few days back…i felt butterfly in my stomachs…headaches…i couldnt sleep at night! Thinking about you and your amazing photos. Now i was enjoying some free time and i had this uncontrolable urge…i just wanted to open your mails. I didnt really care whats in them, i just wanted to open them. When i opened all the pending mails i felt so relieved and so much better. But now im so excited again i dont know what i should do. I just wish i could enjoy more and more of your pics your new ptvs are so amazing!!! I bought them all i think i was just checking what i have missing..i cant believe im back here! I dont want to dissapoint you and your so perfect in every way. Nobody makes me feel like you do.

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  1. This is mildly amusing and all, but do not submit anything to me lacking in proper English like this again. I’m not here to decipher ‘distracted horny sub speak’ but to laugh & collect what’s MINE. Noticing a “butterflies in stomach” theme with devotional posts this week. you addicted drones feeling the same symptoms. Ha ha ha! I’m awesome. – GMD

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