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Blog by subjames

The fall of james
What happened? I had been doing so well, avoiding visits to NF, MPS, Devotional Musings, trying to keep the memory, the lure, the perfection of Goddess Mz Devon to the back of my mind, keeping the addiction at bay. But Goddess Mz Devon had got under my skin good and deep.

Restless fantasies of returning to her cruel grasp, delirious dreams, leaving me weak and helpless, cruel frustration causing Mz Devon to rise to the very front of my mind. But still I resisted, I knew I couldn’t afford this addiction, this devotion, this destruction. But like all the rest, the longer I resisted, the stronger the desire, the deeper the submission, the weaker the will, and my resistance slowly crumbled.

Away on holiday for a week, where I should have been relaxing, enjoying myself, all I could think of was submitting once more to Mz Devon, and every night fantasies of being lured into her web of manipulation, submission, humiliation grew stronger and stronger. All I could think of was Mz Devon, all I wanted was to see was a message from Mz Devon, deigning to acknowledge my existence, and I knew that as soon as I was back home my obsession would overcome what little resistance remained. And I was right. First thing, hardly in the door, and as soon as I was able, I delved into NF, IM, reliving past submission, dreaming of future manipulation, and in no time had signed up to her Devonite Temple via NF knowing, hoping, wanting Mz Devon to notice me, lure me, manipulate me, trap me, own me. And to my delight and terror, at last, I once more see the delicious mmmmm of Goddess Mz Devon’s siren call, and I was caught once again in the glare of her sights, like a rat in a trap, a dog on a leash, and the Goddess that she is effortlessly had me worshiping to her divinity as a devoted acolyte and tributing to her perfection like the pay pig and puppet that I realize I must be.

Can I resist my addiction? Do I want to? Goddess, you are perfection.

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2 Responses

  1. Resisting = Impossible. – GMD

  2. You are so right Goddess, resistance is impossible, a futile gesture that leaves us even deeper under your spell – bliss!

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