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Blog by voet

…where I don´t think about Goddess MzDevon. Every day, several times a day in fact, I log into my Niteflirt account just to see if her name is there in my inbox highlighted in blue. Most days i find my inbox empty and I do this with a strange mix of dissapointment and relief. I ache for that pleasurable feeling of seeing her name, knowing that I am inevitably going to fall under her spell, if she demands it, and at the same time I am relieved, because I fear the power that she holds over me – I fear that I won´t be able to resist pleasing her, at the cost of other people in my life. If Goddess Mz Devon writes an email to me directly, I find it almost impossible to resist clicking and that is when the wonderful battle between reason and desire begins. Skilled with words and dominantly beautiful as few, she overpowers me and it is indeed a rush I both crave and fear.

Truly not a day goes by…

…where I don´t think about Goddess MzDevon.

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